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The Return of Colonel Bacchus

Saturday Nights 10pm to 11pm

About 5000 years ago, Alfred Fossil, a mild mannered college student, walked into a local radio station with plans of delivering more diversity to their musical configurations.  Upon turning the microphone on, Mr Fossil was greeted by a spirit that had flown down into the valley from neighboring Kentucky.  The spirit of the legendary Colonel Bacchus had infected the unlucky young broadcasting scholar.  A ghostly haunt of the poor unsuspecting  dj that would continue even till today.  Alfred Fossil still his old self but just a carrier of the spirit that comes to life whenever the microphone lights up.  Nowadays, the fine Colonel can be heard every Saturday night at 10pm.  The key to listening is knowing that just like in real life everything changes real fast.  All types of sound, music and foolishness are touched upon.  So have a good time lighten up and experience this audio adventure.  Saturdays 10pm  also checkout the “Colonel Bacchus Radio Show” on Facebook.

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