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Taurus/Gemini, I’m a cusp baby.


Probably DC considering how many Superman shirts I own and I’ve always been a big fan of Batman too. But I’m a fan of all superheroes so I’m good either way.

PETS: (Y/N and WHAT)

No but if I had a pet it would be a dog.


Anything Spicy these days so Tacos, Sushi, Wyngz and Pizza! I really enjoy eating, I don’t discriminate when it comes to food. Have you seen me?


311, Beastie Boys, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Presidents of the United States, and Pantera. I mean I love music so if I like it, game on!


I like to play Texas Hold’em and Omaha. One of these days, I’ll own a boat with your money. But doesn’t ask how much I’ve lost at the tables, that would be rude!


According to my shrink in college, it has something to do with my Mom and Sister both being partially deaf and something about wanting to be heard. I don’t know about all that, I thought I was here for the free music and concerts.


I’d love to see Led Zeppelin but they only did that one off show several years back so I guess I missed the boat on that one so to speak, I mean I’ve seen just about every show I’d ever really want to see so I guess you can say I’m a little spoiled in this department.


Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue, I’d like to meet him. I’ve met a lot of bands and some celebrities along the way but I would go all fan girl if Jon walked into the room. As far as a super funny and awesome guy to hang out with if you ever get the chance to hang with Carl Labove, he’s one of the original outlaws of comedy and was Sam Kinison best friend, I’ve been lucky enough to chill with him several times over the years and besides being a great comedian, he’s down to earth and has amazing stories to tell if you’re willing to sit there and listen.


Well it was the Broncos but I really just followed Peyton Manning, now that’s retired, I’m kinda lost. So I’d have to probably say Draft Kings is my favorite pro team because they let me bet on all the teams and players therefore, I get to love pro sports in general as a whole.


Born and raise right here in Knoxville, Tennessee. GO BIG ORANGE! I mean you can’t escape your heritage, I’ll always be a UT fan. Though, recently I did buy a South Carolina shirt when I was in Columbia, SC because when in Rome, but it felt dirty wearing it, so that was a one off thing.




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